Ilha Boa Vista – Cabo Verde

On the Boa Vista island we focus our actions in the area of education. Through the program Travel and Cooperate, it was possible to take, between 2014 and 2015, some participants to the island and to develop several educational actions in the Centro Educativo Nossa Sr.ª da Boa Esperança.

  • Plastic Expression Ateliers that have helped children to put their creativity into practice and develop the ability to express emotions and feelings. We put Art at the service of Children!
  • Training actions for 1st cycle students, tutoring and accompaniment to school work
  • Dynamics of Groups that have contributed to stimulate creativity, encourage socialization and especially to relax and have fun!
  • We visit the island, we live with the population, we taste their gastronomy, we listen to music … we live their daily lives!

We are currently working together with the Boa Vista Secondary School in the implementation of the Route of Books program

At the same time we are organizing, with the support of the Futebol Clip Sport, a fundraising campaign for sports equipment – “Not going to use it anymore? It’s better to donate!” – which aims to collect soccer shoes, shin guards, gloves, t-shirts, shorts, vests, backpacks, soccer balls, among others, to deliver to the Secondary School of Boa Vista.

There are many needs on the island, all the help is welcome! If you want to participate in the program Travel and Cooperate – Boa Vista consult all the information available on this page or contact us

It can provide artistic and educational workshops with children and youngsters; Teach a language; Support with tutoring; Assist in the preparation of school work; Carry out training in different areas; Support the local school in the daily logistics; Organize the library, improve infrastructure; Help organize the assets raised, create a community garden… and much more!

The nature in its purest state, so is Boa Vista island. Wonderful landscapes of extensive beaches of golden sand and crystalline water, mild climate for almost of the year create the conditions for this to be one of the most visited Cape Verdean islands. But Boa Vista is much more than wonderful landscapes, it is the spirit of MORABEZA – the taste and the art of well receive so characteristic of Cape Verdeans. MORABEZA (Creole origin) means Welcome, it is also attributed to you by the locals, the sense of gentilization, joy, sympathy and love, which in reality is all that is part of the attitude of well-being. An island of friendly and kind people, welcoming with contagious affection and always with a smile on their lips.

Program Value

Per person: 780 € (VAT included) + FLIGHTS

Program organized in collaboration with tourism partners.

We choose not to include the value of the trip so that you can choose the best solution for you. If you need some help with your flight arrangements, please contact us.

The program values are based on the service costs and fees in effect at the date of publication of this program and are subject to legal changes resulting from the variation of the costs of these services and fees.

Itinerary Boa Vista Island

1st day
Arrival at Boa Vista International Airport.
Transfer to your hostel.

2nd Day
Adapt and enjoy the island.

3rd to 14th Day
Development of social work with the community.

Free time to enjoy the charms of the island, taste the typical gastronomy, listen to African music, diving.

In the summer months you can enjoy spending the night on the beach and watching the turtles spawn.

15th Day
Return. In time to be determined locally will be carried out the transportation to the airport, departure and end of the program.

Change of Program
If necessary, taking into account the interests of all the parties concerned, adaptations may be made in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the program.


What is included in the program?

Reception at the airport.
Transfer: Airport-hostel-airport.
Accommodation in hostel single room with breakfast; Internet wifi.
10 Lunchs (during the week).
Orientations and information about the island, program and activities; Administrative work and program management.

What is not included in the program?

The costs of flights and travel fees to the country of the program and return. This way you have the flexibility to choose the solution that suits you best.

To participate, a Travel Insurance is required to cover medical expenses and repatriation expenses. You can choose the best solution through the Insurer or in many cases the companies offer optional insurance in the acquisition of the ticket.

Visas, passport and expenses associated with obtaining it.

Traveler’s advice and medication (if needed).

Expenses of a personal nature; food not specified in the program; Gratuities of any kind; Entrances to monuments and museums; Activities and visits, as well as all services not mentioned in the program.

Program costs description

The value of the program includes:

Payment of the services organized by the partners.

A percentage of the value generated by the Solidarity Routes project is donated to the community to fulfill identified needs and give continuity to social projects

Registration fee, this is the only source of income that the Solidarity Routes receives for the sustainability of the project. It contributes to maintaining promotion and marketing costs, administrative costs, expenses to carry out follow-up visits to social projects in all the countries we operate and costs with the project team.

How to participate

It’s simple… just send an email to with the program’s identification and the availability of dates to travel and you will receive all the information necessary to immerse yourself in a unique experience.

Cancellation Policy

Because it is a combined program between different partners and subject to certain conditions, any cancellation by the participant can produce cancellation fees:

  1. Greater than 15 days, penalty of 40% of the total price of the program
  2. Between 15 and 7 days, the penalty of 60% of the total price of the program
  3. Less than 7 days, 100% program price penalty
Useful information

Who can participate
The programs are intended for people over 18 or minors accompanied by a responsible adult, provided they are in good health.

To get involved in one of the programs it is not required any prior experience, only the will and energy to achieve the objectives of all activities.

Mother tongue is Creole;

Official currency is the Cape Verdiano Shield, the Euro is accepted without restrictions, € 1 equals approximately 110,265 Cape Verdean Shields; Credit Cards, Visa and Mastercard are only accepted in some hotels;

Tourist Visa is required, must be requested from the respective embassies or consulates.

There is no required vaccination, but it is advisable to ask the doctor. It is advisable to take the basic medicines, such as aspirins, intestinal regulators, ointments, band-aids, insect repellent, sunscreen;

Climate, the annual average temperature of the air is approximately 25ºC, the seasons of the year are mainly two: that of the rains and the one of the drought or time of the breezes;

Clothing It is advisable to wear lightweight clothing of natural fabrics, bathing suit, sunglasses, hat, slippers, for the day, and a long-sleeved knit and pants for the night (avoids mosquito bites and the cooling breeze sea breeze ).

Participants should bear in mind that sometimes the African context has limitations that make it less structured, so it may be necessary to integrate several activities or respond to needs identified at the time.


Travel and Cooperate is an innovative and sustainable way of getting to know the world, with the purpose of collaborate with the community while giving the participant the knowledge of the local culture.


Work in favor of the community and its sustainable development.


Implement Community Cooperation and Development programs that contribute to the development of more equitable societies.


"I value things, not for what they are worth, but for what they mean"
Gabriel García Márquez