Route of Books

Is a dynamized program in a school context, during the school year, which aims to contribute to the enrichment of the curriculum of young people and promote their civic participation through the organization of various practical activities with the community.

The program is developed through an exchange between schools of different contexts and aims to sensitize young people to the importance of:

  • play an active role in their own development, as well as in their community;
  • know their own culture and different cultures
  • cooperation between people;
  • reading not only as a form of enrichment but also as a way to TRAVEL to other worlds.

Currently, the Rota dos Livros program is being implemented with the Alexandre Herculano School in Porto and in the Boa Vista Secondary School in Cape Verde. With the young people of both schools we are carrying out several activities that consist of:

  • organize a Virtual Reading Club, reading two short stories and preparing reading forms;
  • prepare works in digital format about Porto and Cape Verde;
  • organize videoconferences between schools;
  • streamline a blog and a facebook page with the work and activities carried out
  • organize a book-raising campaign for the library of the Secondary School of Ilha da Boa Vista.

You can track the development of activities through the

We create relationships with community!

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“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, surround me and I learn”
Benjamin Franklin

Education for Citizenship requires a practical learning method that involves young people in building the whole process. This is how young people will learn to transform principles and values into attitudes and acquire personal and social skills useful for the full exercise of citizenship.


Work in favor of the community and its sustainable development.


Implement Community Cooperation and Development programs that contribute to the development of more equitable societies.


"I value things, not for what they are worth, but for what they mean"
Gabriel García Márquez