Travel and Cooperate

Travel and Cooperate is an innovative and sustainable way of getting to know the world, with the purpose of collaborate with the community in its development, while giving the participant the knowledge of the local culture.

Those who participate invest part of their time in fostering cooperative actions with the community and in parallel with the daily life of the local population to know their culture and traditions, which will provide a perception of the destination that is not only tourist but also human, cultural and social.

In this way, the Travel and Cooperate programs benefit both participants and the population, enhancing the development of the community and its economy. It is a form of travel that promotes citizenship and enables new visions of the world and different ways of life.

The Travel and Cooperate programs are characterized by the participants involmement in the community work during a period of their stay. During the rest of the time the participants have the possibility to live with the locals, get involved in their daily life, get to know the gastronomy and the local crafts, live their culture and natural and historical charms.

There is a set of initiatives where participants can get involved while exploring a new place and discovering other cultures.

They can stimulate artistic and educational workshops with children and young people; Teach a language; Carry out training in different areas; Support the school in internal management; Organize school library, improve infrastructure; Help organize the material collected.

Those who participate in this experience have the opportunity to embark on an adventure that allows you to make a difference and return home with one of the most exciting experiences of your life!


Work in favor of the community and its sustainable development.


Implement Community Cooperation and Development programs that contribute to the development of more equitable societies.


"I value things, not for what they are worth, but for what they mean"
Gabriel García Márquez